Treating Panic Attacks With CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that is developed through the merging of behavior therapy and cognitive therapy. Many CBT treatment programs have been evaluated and endorsed for its effectiveness and many specific treatments for symptoms-based diagnoses have favored CBT over many other approaches.

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In the United Kingdom, cognitive behavior therapy has been recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence for the choice to treat mental health problems including panic attacks, bulimia nervosa, OCD, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome CBT Web Scraper.

CBT treatment concept in treating anxiety and panic attacks is through gradual exposure to the patient’s fear stimulus. Through the exposure to the stimulus, patients can unlearn the conditioning. This approach is called the in vivo exposure. In a study, it has shown that many patients who have received CBT treatment has very high success rate in curing from their anxiety disorder.

The focus in CBT approach is on the thoughts and belief processes. It aims to help patients unlearn their old beliefs and change their thinking habits to free them from the rut they felt they are in. There are 3 stages in the CBT technique that are cognitive, behavioral and emotional stages.

Cognitive stage emphasizes on the thoughts and beliefs. Patients are taught methods like stopping negative thinking, questioning their irrational fears, focus and telling which voice inside their head is the one to trust and belief.

Secondly is the behavioral stage. It is the stage where patients are taught to put together everything in their everyday, real-life situations. It is bringing it to action of the beliefs taught in the cognitive stage to prove that they can live through real-challenges in life.

The last stage is the emotional stage where it is a relaxation strategy to bring the person to peace and calmness. The goal is to achieve calmness because once a person becomes more peaceful and calm, it empowers them to overcome their anxieties and fears. This approach is mean to give focus on the positive points that includes healing, inner peace and achieving healthiness. By focussing on the positive areas, it will push the negative influence away.

CBT is an effective tool that helps people to cure from mental health problems such as anxiety and panic attacks. Patients can discover and alter distorted thoughts hat has caused them to have irrational fears which led them to panic attacks.

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