Acquiring Your College Degree Online

A bachelor degree is typically a post-high-school secondary education degree awarded after completion of a secondary education course. In recent years, the phrase college degree earned almost exclusively describes an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. In years past, bachelor degrees were usually awarded by regional, community or private colleges. Bachelor degrees can also be known as baccalaureates.

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Generally speaking, bachelor degree recipients are entitled to take further courses after graduation to reach their professional goals. The usual course sequences, a student may choose to take include business studies, communications, journalism, criminal justice and computer science. Many colleges provide professional development programs for newly-graduates to help them acquire additional skills necessary to succeed in their chosen careers

There are a number of different types of online degrees available today. Associate degrees can be obtained through traditional schools, by attending classes part time or by attending a virtual college. Online graduate degrees are becoming more common as more students return to school. Some schools provide two-year degree programs or shorter, one-to-one online programs. In addition, some of these online colleges will offer technical degrees such as information technology. If you want to earn a four year degree online, there are several options to consider.

An Associate of Science degree, typically from a regionally-accredited school and sometimes offered by an online university, generally emphasizes coursework that includes mathematics, science and engineering. For those wishing to specialize in a specific area of study, an Associate of Arts degree offers the flexibility to complete coursework within a specific field. An Associate of Applied Science usually requires general education courses in order to be completed. Many times this program will require that you submit a capstone project prior to earning your degree.

A Bachelor of Science offers general education knowledge and is usually from a regionally-accredited school. Students will focus on specific topics in science, mathematics and related areas. A student can expect to spend two years or more completing a typical four-year Bachelor of Science degree program. Some of the typical classes will include calculus, chemistry, biology, physics and other scientific instruction.

A Bachelor of Education can be achieved through an online education program. This four-year program is similar to a traditional college degree program, however, students are able to learn at their own pace. Students must complete the required coursework and pass an exam before earning their education degree online. Online colleges that offer a Bachelor of Education degree include Abington College, Bell Technical and Community College, Broadlands College, Bryn Mawr College, Boston College, Strayer University, Villanova University and Wise’s College.

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