Did My Hand Really Do That?

As you are walking through the aisle’s picking up things here and there, reading labels, searching out calories and fat grams you feel good, liberated.

Then as you are walking down one aisle in particular your hand reaches out and simply grabs a bag of chips (insert any comfort food you want in replace of chips). Your mind panic’s. What? How? How dare your hand for grabbing those chips. Those chips aren’t on the recommended eating list. I don’t want those chips. You want to slap your hand, scream at it. “Bad hand, what the heck are you thinking grabbing those chips!” How dare your hand not be on board with this diet?

OK so maybe the conversation is a bit overboard as to the reality of what happens. But a simple truth in your mind kicks in. You have not yet “seen” yourself, your self-image, as a different person that weighs your desired weight. You see yourself as still the person that needs or wants to lose weight. That is why diets fail all them time.

Until your desire for change is stronger than your desire of the comfort zone (and comfort foods) it is very difficult to break through the old habits, old paradigms, and your current self-image.

To really achieve what it is you want you must accept it first into your mind as already existing. You must say to yourself, affirmation style, “I am so grateful now that…” and trick your subconscious into thinking you have already lost the weight.

Believing first that you have already changed and backed up by inspired and emotional actions towards your desired results, be it weight loss, or any other goal is the correct path to achieving change in any area of your life. It is a success formula that I call BE-DO-HAVE.

Change the order of those three words, BE-DO-HAVE, and your chances of changing a current result are Sonus Complete extremely limited by your focus. First you must BE someone different, then you must DO inspired and different things than you have always done, and you will finally HAVE the results you are looking for.

So remember the next time you are walking down the “chips” aisle at the grocery store…old paradigms die-hard and it is not your hands fault. Don’t take it out on the hand and instead look to change your self-image, your beliefs about weight loss and your body. Start to accept that you do deserve to be healthier. You do deserve to have the results you dream about.

When you do this you will be on your way to a new you. To more WOOHOOing for you in your life.

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