Toenail Fungus – Home Remedies That Magically Work

When it comes to talking about disgusting topics like foot diseases such as toenail fungus, we don’t want to talk about it in public. There exists toenail fungus home remedies that actually work, but people just need to be game enough to try them. They need to trust that people are trying to give great advice to people that need it.

There is a misconception that toenail fungus isn’t curable. Well it is curable. It is a disease that affects a lot of people. The disease is common because a lot of people don’t look after their feet. A lot of people wear socks and shoes for long Fungus Clear periods of time. Especially people that are working, on a typical day they could be wearing shoes for 12 hours plus.

Wearing footwear for long periods of times, makes an environment that is perfect for breeding fungus. Another name for toenail fungus is onychomycosis. Dermatophytes, which are a group of fungus causing skin disease are the reason behind fungus developing on the toenail.

Keratin which is found on the surface of toenails is the food source for the fungus. With food and the perfect growing environment, fungus on the toenail grows quite easily.

A lot of home remedies for the fungus involve the use of oils. Using specific oils that have antiseptic properties can cure the disease. The oil acts like a fungicide that kills the fungus. Fungus has the ability to spread, so the oils need to be applied regularly. Use tea tree oil as an excellent home remedy to fungus occurring on the toenail.

Tea tree oil kills the fungus by acting like an antiseptic. Regular application of the oil on the problem area can kill off the fungus. Lavender oil can be mixed in with equal parts along with the tea tree oil to achieve the same effect. The toenail should slowly repair itself by growing off and forming a new one to replace the old one. The problem with these kind of cures is that it doesn’t cure the root of the problem. Even though it is all good that the fungus is gone, the fungus has the ability to grow back if care isn’t taken.

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