Your Football Team is Playing Before Empty Stadiums Most of the Time – Who is Your Real Competition?

An anticipated derby day comes, your marketing and public relations people where busy during the week reaching out to fans across the branches appealing to them to make sure they attend the match. Radio and tabloids have also given the game ample coverage. On match day you look up to the terraces, they are as empty as ever! What went wrong? Did the message filter down to the branches and supporters? One thing for sure they knew about the game, but what is the problem?

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Why did the fans not show up? It is possible that your team is competing for fans with activities that are not directly obvious. That is what we have to unravel by peering into a life for a typical football fan. We shall do this by following this football fan for a several days during his typical month.

We shall call this fan Thabiso. Thabiso is a not a card carrying member for his beloved Gold Stars Football Club, for reasons we are not privy to. What we know is that he can kill for his team. He knows every player and he keeps a tab on the goings in the club by reading a weekly football magazine called “Laduuma”. No, “Laduuma” is not a club magazine. It is a weekly football magazine. It covers all teams in the premier league and everything football in the country.

Thabiso received his salary on the 30th of September. He works as a shop assistant for one of the biggest chain stores in the country. By the time his salary comes he has already spent twenty percent of it. He received a call from one of the mobile phone companies out here. It was so sweet he could not resist their offer of a new modern mobile phone with bells and whistles xem bong da truc tuyen . The clincher is that they offered it for free. All he has to do is to sign a contract that binds him to using a R350 worth of airtime every month. Thabiso also, recently bought his fourth insurance policy

from a sweet talking sales man who promised him heaven on earth. The sales man was so sweet that he convinced him that he truly needed it. The catch was when, the salesman asked: “If you died today how long do you think you will remain dead? What will your people be eating before you resurrect to work for them?” What the sales man did not tell Thabiso is that the payout after ten years will be less than his total contribution and also what is in it for him as a salesman.

Thabiso is a very smart dresser. He hardly ever passes a shop with those beautiful canvasses and T shirts. He no longer has space for them at home, but that does not stop him from buying more. Does he buy them cash? No, “lay buys” them. This is a process of buying goods here in South Africa and paying for them gradually. You only take possession of the items when fully paid for. Thabiso does this for a couple of goods. This brings his pre earning expenditure to twenty percent.

Today is the big day. The town is buzzing with hundreds of people laden with bags. It is pay day. Thabiso is part of the buzz. He leaves work and joins the buzz. He has been longing for fast food. That is his first point of call. From there he hits the shops and supermarkets. He leaves part of his income there. For the next few days Thabiso remains part of the fast food circuit, drinking holes and also takes his girl friends out. What he does not forget to do is to buy his monthly train ticket. This ensures that his monthly transport to work is covered.

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