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The meeting point for Customers and Providers

Service allowing to make your life much easier!

Rozumnyiukr.com – Ukrainian online service that easily and quickly will help you to find, on the one hand, Customers for your goods and services in the field of business, freelancing, part-time work, and, on the other hand, the necessary goods and services. Connect and receive in any convenient way the real contacts of Customers and Providers from all over Ukraine. Rozumnyiukr.com is more effective than advertising!

Instead of the banal phrase "We are a young, dynamic team" we will tell you about ourselves in facts and figures:

  1. Today, more than 1200 Providers and over 1600 Customers are using our service successfully and every day these numbers are growing.
  2. We cover even the smallest towns and villages of Ukraine: there are a lot of completed requests in dozens of towns with population up to 30,000 people.
  3. The minimum period from request submitting to receiving the list of Providers starts from 20 minutes.
  4. What about Fee for the Customer’s contacts, it is so symbolic, that in most cases it is less than 1% of the request price.
  5. The quality of the Provider's work is defined by the Customer, who leaves a feedback and give an independent mark. Thus the top of Providers is formed, which are selected as the best. We send more requests to the best Providers!
  6. Significant time savings in the search of Providers, ready to perform the request at the right time and in the right place.
  7. Our team consists of more than 10 experts who monitor the timely performing of the request and ask Customers about the quality of the Provider’s work.

Provide services or sell products?

Then Rozumnyiukr.com is a real find and an additional source of income for you. Why? The answer is obvious:

  1. Profit raises due to new Customers, which we will send to you permanently.
  2. Pay only for Customer contacts, not simply for advertising.
  3. No more time and effort investments in constant search of Customers.
  4. Prospects to the development of your own business, freelancing, part-time work, being in any, even small town of Ukraine.
  5. The higher your rating – the more interesting requests!

Think, why do you have to waste precious time and money to advertising which doesn't work? Sign Up during two minutes at our service and get new Customers without much efforts!

Why is it profitable and convenient to work with us?

Imagine that you are working hard, or spending free time with family, or simply resting. You check the email, and there is the new request from the Customer. Suddenly, because you did not put any effort, he found you himself. After the first week of work with the service Rozumnyiukr.com you will use to such situation and have more free time, and Customers will flood you with new requests!

What can impress you more?

  1. A simple sign up. To become a Provider, you do not need to undertake training courses, provide various diplomas or passport data. Just submit a simple form and we will contact you for further details.
  2. Access to the regional market. Our service covers even the smallest towns of Ukraine, so everyone can become a Provider and find a permanent Customers of his services.
  3. Minimum payment. Do you know how much is for 1 request? Only 5 UAH. You couldn't buy even a candy bar for such money. Now imagine how your income has increased after you will start to work with a new Customer!

And for your confidence, we maintain a constant demand for your products or services since our Customers base expands daily. What do we expect from you? Responsibility and great job. And in turn, the service Rozumnyiukr.com will bring you even more Customers!

see FAQ for more details

Are you looking for a Provider in a particular field or want to buy fine goods?

Then you have several options:

  • start search at bulletin boards, spend time, but do not find a suitable Provider;
  • visit various exchanges and trading platforms to encounter the non-punctuality of the employees, inflated prices or poor quality of the goods;
  • sign up at the website Rozumnyiukr.com, contact the best Provider or find inexpensive and high quality goods.

What will you choose?

While you are thinking, every our new Customer saves precious time, money and efforts on the search for a qualified specialist, receive the robust data protection, and promptly implements the request. An additional bonus of cooperation with us is a free service for Customers. Yes, it is. Nominal payment is only charged from a Provider for each new Customer.

The principles that our activities are based:

  1. Trust. We strive to work and build trusting relationships with every partner and user of the service. In the first stage, we carefully check the contacts. And then while selecting the recommended Providers, we consider the qualifications, the ratio of price and quality, location, willingness to perform a request in the required time. In addition to this, each Customer sets its own independent evaluation for the work that reflects his satisfaction and the trust level to the Provider.
  2. Honesty. Don't worry, we do not overestimate the skills of the Provider, everything is honestly and transparently. You determine their professional level.
  3. Ease. No need to spend a lot of time to sign up, simply fill in one form.

We appreciate the trust of Customers, constantly strive to improve the service, so there is the rating of each Provider, which is based on feedback and Customer’s satisfaction ratings. It allows us opportunely select the best ones for Customers. Our mission is to help the Customer to find a great specialist or fine goods in the shortest possible time.

Join to Rozumnyiukr.com service, which will become a meeting point for Providers and Customers, and it cannot be changed!

see FAQ for more details

Why do we do that?

Our rule is “Think locally and act globally”! What are the main tasks of rozumnyiukr.com?

  • encourage the development of small and average business, cooperation, mutual help, social responsibility in business;
  • support entrepreneurs who really loves their business, introduce like-minded people to each other and help them to connect;
  • raise the level of transparency, respect and trust in business;
  • encourage the development of local economy and civil society, raise the independence of local communities.

And as a result – everybody wins!