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Privacy Policy

Updated on April 27, 2015

You are informed and agree that using the website which is developed and supported by the Розумний.укр team (hereinafter referred to as "Розумний.укр", "we", "our" or "us") and is available at www.розумний.укр (hereinafter referred to as "Site"), you automatically acquire a User status (user status may also include Client or/and Provider statuses) and accept this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not use the Site or our services.

Users data collection, processing and usage

Data collection, processing and usage is being done according to Ukrainian legislation, in particular to Law of Ukraine On Protection on Personal Data.

Розумний.укр collects two types of your data:

  1. Information the User provides on his own initiative (for example in submitted request).
  2. Information, collected by an automatical request tracking system.

Request submitting

If User wants to submit a request, some personal data should be provided. For example name, email, phone number, address etc.

Сookies and other tracking technologies

The Site uses "cookies" and some other tracking tools. Cookies are part of data, connected to User's information and stored on the User's computer. Most of browsers allow User to control cookies and decide whether to accept them or not and how to delete them. The Site uses both temporarily cookies, which are being deleted after the browser was closed, and permanent cookies, that remain on the computer until User deletes them manually. Settings of most browsers provide an option to have reports if you receive cookies. Cookies (both from this Site and external advertisers) can be blocked in the browser.

User can acquire Client or/and Provider statuses.

User acquires the Client status if he/she uses a Site for search of Sellers or Providers.

As it defined in our Terms of Use, while submitting a reguest Client should provide some information (name, email, phone number, address) and wishes concerning services or products needed. Analyzing the request, Розумний.укр searches Providers with skills and possibilities Client needs. If Providers were found, Розумний.укр will forward to a few of them some Client's personal data (for example name and contacts) so that Providers will be able to contact the Client directly. In addition to that, Розумний.укр may use Client's personal data (contacts) to clarify request peculiarities, to improve servise or to get feedback. Submitting a request Client also agrees that his/her personal data may be used for advertising purposes, according to Client's region, gender, interests, habits etc.

User acquires the Provider status if he/she uses a Site for Clients search. Provider should submit some information as company name, contact person, email, phone number, address) and goods or services provided. Provider agrees that his/her contact information can be forwarded to Clients, who Provider is willing to work with.

Розумний.укр does not disclose, use, forward, or sell any personal data to third parties for any other purposes except mentioned above, and except cases, provided by the legislation of Ukraine.

User agrees that Розумний.укр may allow certain trusted third parties to track analysis of such User's data as address, wherefrom the request was sent, IP-address or domain name, date and time of request, referred web sites (if any) and other parameters in the URL. That data is collected in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of Site and its services. Розумний.укр can collaborate with third parties to host the Site, to work with a variety of functions, available on the Website, to send and receive e-mail, data analysis and to provide search results and links, helpful for Client's request fulfillment.

Розумний.укр may forward personal or any other data to our founders, affiliates, divisions and departments. We may disclose personal data as an asset, in case of planned or actual merging or sale (including any transfer, made in сase of insolvency or bankruptcy) involving our business completely or as part of a corporate reorganization, shares sale or other changes in management.

We may disclose personal data in cases established by the law, as it may be needed for national security, or to defend User's or third parties' rights.

In case of any other reasons (which are not defined in Privacy Policy) of User's data providing to third parties, Розумний.укр should inform Users about it via e-mail. User has a right to ask us not to forward User's data in such case.

Розумний.укр also uses an aggregated, non-personal data for administrative purposes. We may also use or share with third parties some aggregated data, which does not contain any personal information.

Personal data storage time

Personal data, provided by clients, will be stored for 5 (five) years. If you want your information to be deleted earlier, please contact us.

Personal data protection

Розумний.укр takes appropriate security efforts to protect Customers' information from unauthorized access or unauthorized changes, disclosure or destruction. For this purpuses we perform special physical, electronic, and administrative procedures. Although there is no completely safe computer system, we believe our measures have significantly reduced the possibility of security problems.

Location of Computing Resources

Personal data and other information may be stored outside of Ukraine, since Розумний.укр has a right to cooperate with foreign hosting-provider. User is informed and agrees, in addition to Ukrainian legislation there could be additional rules, depending on the location of our providers and computer equipment.

Advertising from Third Parties

Advertising, that User can see on the Site, is provided by us or one of our advertising partners. Our advertising partners may set cookies. It allows our partners to recognize User's computer every time they provide an advertising. Thus, they may collect information about location of User's computer and determine which ads were User interested in. It allows our advertising partners to provide you advertisements which, they believe, will be interesting for you. Розумний.укр has no access and can't control those cookies, which are installed by our advertising partners.

Third-party advertising vendors, including Google, use cookies to show ads, according to User's previous visits on Site.

Users may reject Google service's cookies, by clicking "Advertisement Rejection" on Google settings page.

These rules define cookies usage by Розумний.укр and does not concern cookies usage by any of our advertisers.

E-mails from Розумний.укр

If you received an e-mail from Розумний.укр, but you do not want to receive e-mails in future, you can contact us and describe your wish. We will do our best to help you in unsubscribing from e-mail letters as soon as possible, maximum during ten working days after we got your e-mail.

Children Privacy and Parental Control

We do NOT require any personal information from children. If you are under 18, you can't use the Site. Parents need to know, that there are parental control tools available online. They can be used for preventing children from giving any information online without parental permission, and from having access to harmful materials for children.


The sіte may contain links from other web sites and to other web sites. Please remember, that this Privacy Policy doesn't apply to such web sites and that a personal data you give, or that can be taken from you in any other way, may not be processed according to this Privacy Policy's rules. Розумний.укр isn't responsible for privacy policy at other sites. We ask you to remember this, when you leave our site, and ask you to read a privacy policy of all web sites, which collect personal data. This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected by us for our services.

Responsibility for Safety

While accepting the Terms of Use you thereby accept the Privacy Policy, and agree that it can not be completely secure to transfer any information via Internet. We can not promise or guarantee the security of any information you give us. You give it to us at your own risk.

Notification about Changes

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time, on our own decisions. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy in future, such changes would only apply to information, collected after a new Privacy Policy become operative. If you continue to use the Site, you automatically agree with new Privacy Policy, as it has been posted at the Site.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments or feedback concerning this Privacy Policy, please contact us.