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Made-to-measure Shirt or MTM Shirt is tailor-made custom produced garment. They are usually out of good quality fabric and with measurements provided the customer or taken by a tailor. These shirts are available with a wide range of design options that the purchasers can choose from a classic design or a trendy design or somewhere in between. The designers (the customer) of this type of shirts often make them for different purposes such as casual wear, office attire or to make a statement. The online custom tailor shops offer this type of shirt at incredibly competitive prices. Buyers, who have the correct measurements of their body shape can browse the collections of fabric at these stores and can choose the weave and pattern that suits them. They will find a MTM shirt very comfortable to wear, neither too tight, too big or too long to wear. The design process follows a simple step by step method. Those who want to buy this type of dress shirt must take basic measurements such as their chest, collar size, arm length etc. After choosing the type of fabric one has to choose the style pertaining to collar, cuffs, pockets etc… Finally the measurements are to be entered. A shirt is then made to the customers design which fits perfectly.

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The professional tailors who are experts in making MTM Shirt take the orders from the customers, make the customised shirt and deliver the same within 2 – 3 weeks. These shirts are made of fine fabrics from a very wide range Comme des Garçons Play . The range starts with fine super 80’s two-ply cotton and goes up to super fine 200’s two-ply cotton. It is also possible to have some special cotton-linen blends, 100% linens, special type of cotton for that are easier to iron. The fabrics are of different types of weave like poplins, twills, end-on-ends, piques, etc… These tailors often ask the customer to make a trial version in a lower quality fabric and and then make notes of the alterations that are required for a shirt in higher quality fabric. Often minor adjustments may be required in the length, waist, chest, hips, collar, and sleeve lengths to get a perfect fitting shirt. Usually as a minimum on-line tailors offer five different cuff options and 5 different collar variations and with this range they are able to meet the requirements of the vast majority of their customers.

The professional tailors make use of both hand-tailoring and modern technology to make the customized garments. The best fabric, good design, and great tailoring combined with the correct measurements make the best fitting dress shirt. While placing the order for the customised shirt every customer can create their own style. Orders can be placed for casual shirts, formal shirts, floral shirts, Oxford cotton button down shirts, etc… All these shirts are crafted and tailored as per specifications provided by the customer. The tailors who make these shirts are known for their workmanship as well as hand-tailoring skills. This mass customization ensures every customer orders is 100% individualized to the very highest standard.

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