So You Hate Your Job?

Are you a working mother that feels trapped? If you are so miserable in your job that you have considered shooting yourself in the foot so you wouldn’t have to go to work then it is time to change jobs.

This may sound like an exaggeration, but I read somewhere that 77% of Americans said they hated their jobs Treppenhausreinigung Hardegsen. This means that 77% of you reading this article are dragging yourselves out of bed every morning and trudging into the workplace, putting in 8 hours or more or your precious time and energy for people that don’t appreciate you, and you are probably getting sick in the process from aggravation and frustration. And I’ll bet you are worrying about the bills to boot.

Maybe you are bored, don’t like your boss, don’t like your co-workers, can’t stand not being able to see outside all day or just don’t like punching a timeclock. Maybe you are just sick and tired of not being there when your kids get off the bus in the evening and wish you could attend their school parties and weren’t so tired and cranky when homework time rolls around in the evening. At any rate, if you don’t want to spend the next 10 years doing what you have been doing for the last 10 years then it is time to make a change. Don’t waste your life. It is YOUR life, don’t live it for someone else. Live it for YOU. You only get one shot at it. Don’t look back at the end and be full of regrets.

I’m not selling some get-rich scheme or some formula for processing rebates from home. I’m just going to give you a little nudge to maybe think outside the box and consider that you don’t have to work that traditional 9-5 job to be able to make ends meet.

First, look at your expenses and see what you can or are willing to cut out. What is it costing you to work? Add up the cost of your work clothes, car expenses (gasoline to and from work, parking, tolls, etc), lunch expenses and daycare expenses – don’t forget that daily coffee, if you get manicures/pedicures, if you have to buy your own supplies, cell phone expenses, etc… Is all this adding up? Would you be better off NOT working? Sometimes moms are surprised when they start counting the cost.

Could you make money providing daycare in your home? If you like children, there are always other mothers needing reliable daycare providers. Run an ad or tell your friends or your local school. Teachers and secretaries know a LOT of people. There is also a need for after-school care. You can also get certified through LINK and they will provide referrals. Also consider adult daycare. There are many working adults now caring for their elderly parents who have no place to take them during the day and there are waiting lists at the adult daycare centers.

Do you have computer skills? Consider putting these to work at home! Take a couple of classes, learn to design websites, do typing for people, do medical or legal transcription from home. Just a hint – this site is an excellent way to put yourself out there – you are here reading this aren’t you? There are also companies on the web looking for recruiters for medical and restaurant positions. There are telemarketers that work from home. Write and publish an e-book!

Can you clean house? I have a friend who has a waiting list of people who want her to clean their houses! People pay good money for this service! Women who work all week and can afford it will pay good money for someone to clean their house and do their laundry. You could probably replace your salary you are making being cooped up all week in an office just cleaning houses! You could drop your kids off at school, go clean houses during the day and be done in time to go back and pick them up from school! Word of mouth will usually get you all the business you can handle. Talk, talk, talk to people. Don’t be afraid to ask them to tell people about you!

If you are the outdoors type then start a landscaping business! Again, there is a demand for this type of work. I knew a woman who had the business for about 6 of the local McDonald’s restaurants that were all owned by the same person. She stayed busy. Or how about powerwashing houses and buildings? I know a neighbor couple that does this on the side. They stay busy. Again…let people know what you are doing!

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