Flare Gun Tip – Understanding the Types of Flare Guns

 Flare Gun Tip – Understanding the Types of Flare Guns

A flare gun is a must for frequent travelers, sailors, and pilots. A flare gun is great for signaling, especially when asking for help. It can shoot colorful flares for high altitudes .38 special ammo  and can stay visible in the sky for a long time. There are different types of flare guns available, but probably the most popular and common one is the Very pistol.

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The Very gun was made by Edward Very, a naval officer who made the single shot snub-nosed pistol that can shoot flares. Although some flare guns are already made from durable plastic, there are still some guns that are made like the real thing.

The two types of flare guns are:

German flare guns – are made from zinc and have ribbed Bakelite grips, markings, plus safety features. They are built for long time use but can be pretty expensive.

Czech flare guns – they can fire quickly with hook flaps, ergonomically-designed handles, plus leather pouches so you can carry them.

Flare guns are essential when sending distress signals, so it is best to keep one in your private yacht or aircraft. Some even use flare guns as combat weapons.


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