Blame It on the Delivery Guy

Blame It on the Delivery Guy

If you have a problem and next extra support or help for an item you have ordered, you tell them when you buy the item? Right? Of course you do, a lot of people do this when they buy a large item, they inform the store of the problem (bad back, elderly parent signing, 300 flights of stairs) and if they are lucky, the shop makes note of this o Nangs n the order form.

If they are lucky.

When your delivery van arrives, a guy starts to unload and you need help, you told them in the shop you needed help but the thing is – help costs money.

You are left blaming the delivery guys for something they have no control over.

Deliveries are an expensive undertaking for many stores and warehouses, their biggest expenditure is staff, then the cost of transportation. In tougher times, staff cut backs are made and so are transportation cutbacks. Sometimes, the additional help request is passed on, more often it is not – it’s an extra cost and hey- they can blame it on the delivery man.

It’s not the stores fault, the warehouses fault, it’s the delivery guys fault.

I was trying to explain this on Facebook the other day, that as delivery people, we deliver what we are told and if we are asked for a two man team, then we provide that – that’s what will help your elderly parent get the goods in, or you with the bad back, or every person that lives at the top of 300 flights of stairs.

Often what we are asked to do is deliver for a fixed price, regardless of the circumstances (square pegs and round holes?) and they rarely include a second person on delivery. Partly this is the consumers fault, they are used to ‘cheap’ delivery but are not happy with what cheap delivery entails.

An excellent courier does it’s best job when they educat

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